Tasting Culture Through Wine.

Anthropologist and attorney Jill Bennett Gaieski and attorney and wine educator Lori Kettering Knauer, are the founders of Village Vine, a wine bar and bistro in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Village Vine brings together unique, delicious, affordable wines by the glass, flight and bottle, and original small and large shareable dishes made from local and regional ingredients, to guests eager to learn about and experience the joys of lesser known wine-producing locales and the food that accompanies them. Featured wines come from national and international family and small collective producers, often made from indigenous grapes that Americans are only just beginning to discover. Lori and Jill believe that wine can be an important key to understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of a culture. What is important to a people is often found in their wines. The dynamic, hand selected wine list, combined with a regional menu will enhance guest dining experiences because included with each taste is a story, a people and a place that can be new and engaging. 

Lori and Jill both live in Swarthmore - Lori, with husband Craig, son Jake and dog Belle, Jill - with husband David, two sons Ethan and Clay and  dogs Ginger and Hazel. 

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Chef Juan Ocampo

I grew up in a Mexican family in LA with a love of food and cooking. It was the classic "watching my mom cook and having her teach me" story. But It wasn't until I moved across the country to be with my then girlfriend, now wife, that I found a rich tapestry of flavors to pull from. Starting out as a dishwasher, I devoured information from chefs more than willing to teach me. I learned Italian cookery and fell in love with English Roasting. Being away from my culture has allowed me to learn from others, to learn traditions and flavors from lands I've yet to visit. I adore using classic techniques and high quality ingredients to serve people approachable familiar food with a twist - to make something old new again, to make things considered ugly beautiful on the plate. I despise preconceived notions about food and I challenge myself to break down those barriers with my menu.
-Chef Juan Ocampo

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